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Vigorous, Yaoda boarded 50KM
Starting from different starting points . Meet at the same end.

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Vigorous, Yaoda boarded 50KM

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Starting from different starting points

Meet at the same end.

Measuring the Flourishing City with Footsteps

From the “heart” feel different city charm.

This is the most beautiful interpretation of 50 km hiking!


On Saturday, March 30, Tiangong worked in beautiful sunshine. Mr. Xu Zezhang, President of Yaoda Group, led all Yaoda people to take part in a 50-kilometer hike in Foshan. He measured the land of Foshan with his feet, and felt the unique charm of Wushu, Guangdong Opera and Dragon Boat and Lion Cultural City.


At 8 o’clock in the morning, the starting point of the Shunde Line, Desheng Square, is crowded with people. Inspired by the enthusiasm and cordial urges of the staff, we have taken the most simple and pure rhythm of happiness, and made a light and agile step.


Twelve hours, isn’t it boring? No, it’s not boring at all, because there are infinite scenery along the way, flowers and beautiful scenery to cheer you up, green is refreshing green, red is spring-provoking tender red, beautiful; there are companions around relaxed and humorous mutual encouragement, front “pioneer” from time to time reporting and encouragement; there are white-haired elderly and infants in the trolley silent whip; there are traffic police and medical rescue. The escort of the escort staff; with the help of volunteers and staff and food supply, so from one signature point to the next, and then to the end point.


This huge hiking team, everyone, is moving forward, this simple goal from everyone’s heart, and ultimately converges into the ocean of energy.


From the early rising of the sun to the falling of night, it finally gathers at Century Lotus Stadium in Foshan. Everyone who walks, you are the best Yaoda people!


Yaoda people actively carry forward the long march spirit of self-improvement, hard struggle and perseverance. The event lasted for 12 hours and lasted 50 kilometers. It was an impossible task for all of us to complete on foot. Yaoda people sweat and measure every inch of land with their feet, making the impossible possible. No matter the position, men, women, old and young, in the face of difficulties, Yaoda people are facing difficulties, showing the positive, mutual help and solidarity image of Yaoda Group. In the future, Yaoda will continue to face up to difficulties and advance bravely in the torrent, strive to overcome technical and quality difficulties, and provide the society with better quality and first-class products and services!