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Yaoda has no side to heart, only builds a green house in China.
The world is very prosperous, but there is only one thought in my heart.

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Yaoda has no side to heart, only builds a green house in China.

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The world is very prosperous, but there is only one thought in my heart. It is our mission to make the house well, to talk with products, and to bring people a comfortable living environment. In the future, Yaoda will fully promote the development of the mobile housing industry and build a good house brand in China.

— Message from Xu Zezhen, President of Yaoda Group


From April 23 to 24, 2019, Mr. Xu Zewei, President of Yaoda Group, was invited to attend the standard preparation work meeting of “Technical Regulations for Assembly Green Houses” and “Evaluation Standards for Green Building Materials – Integrated Finished Houses”. This meeting was held by housing and urban and rural areas. The Science and Technology and Industrialization Development Center of the Ministry of Construction and the Housing Industrialization Promotion Center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development were hosted by the China Construction Third Bureau Green Industry Investment Co., Ltd.


At the meeting, the standard preparation team has completed the preparatory preparation for the project, and has carried out research, research and development and promotion work on the construction of the assembly low-rise residential demonstration base, the national farm house research work, the green farm house related atlas compilation, and the model house construction. At present, the standard preparation outline (draft) of the Technical Regulations for Assembly Green Houses has been formed. The standard draws 11 chapters and related appendices, the main contents are: general rules, terminology and symbols, basic regulations, materials, architectural design, structural system design, production and transportation, integrated design, construction and installation, quality acceptance, use and maintenance.


At present, rural housing construction still follows the self-construction of the rural self-sufficiency economic era, investment and investment, lack of planning, mixed style, mixed functions, cultural loss, and also fostered a group of unqualified and unqualified buildings “enable people” and The “work team” has no drawings, no disorderly construction organization, and no complete safeguard measures, which is far from the modern rural construction. The preparation and implementation of the “Technical Regulations for Assembly Green Farmhouses” is conducive to solving the current situation of the standard green farmhouse industry without standards, and is conducive to promoting the scientific and technological progress of the entire industry, promoting the industrialization of housing and promoting the construction industry in China. Progress, achieving a low-carbon economy, and maintaining the sustainable development of the national economy are of great significance.


Afterwards, the delegates participated in the important discussion. Xu Zezhen, the president of Yaoda Group, published his own unique insights. He pointed out that when designing the house, it is necessary to design the appearance of the house according to the user’s preference based on different climate and geographical conditions, and rationally layout the user’s use characteristics. Fully consider the user’s living habits, etc., Yaoda Housing Technology uses intelligent assembly houses to achieve fast construction, good sound insulation, high safety, building energy conservation, etc., in line with the concept of green environmental protection, to meet the standards of the regulations, Promote smart small (city) towns, beautiful villages, public facilities, eco-tourism, and rural complexes.